General is dealing with rap records from 1979 thru 1989. The database website was initially started by DJ Scientist and programmed by Misanthrop.

Further, the website is connected with the Rap History Party Series, started by Ivan from Zurich.

Thanks for further inspiration:

Freddy Fresh – The Rap Records
Uwe Zeiger's website

Thanks to all the contributors and collectors joining us, and making this the ultimate online database for rap records.


How To Add Records / Submission Rules for


Do only submit releases between 1979 and 1989. Each Records has to be concerned with Rap or Hip-Hop. Do not list Funk, Disco, House, etc.! In some cases Electro, Electro Funk or Freestyle Records can be added to the database.

Raphistory ONLY covers vinyl releases. Please do NOT add CDs, Tapes, etc.

Do not list Bootlegs or Reissues as Originals. There will soon be a function to add those releases to an original release.



This refers to the main credited artist for the release. Always write the artist exactly the way they are spelled on the record!

"Unknown Artist" should be used for releases which are not credited to an artist.


Artist Profile

This field is very important! Some artist are written in slightly different ways on the record (e.g. “DJ Jazzy Jeff” and “Jazzy Jeff”). In order that they are connected to the same artist profile you have to enter the name of the artist in the “Artist Profile” field. Please look up for the artist if he already exists in our artist database so you can spell him exactly like his profile name. “D.J.” or “M.C.” shall always be spelled WITHOUT points.


Artist Sort

In most cases you can leave this field blank. It is only needed for Artist with "The" Prefixes, e.g. "Treacherous Three, The".



Please write all initial letters of the title in capital letters only!! E.g. “Looking For The Perfect Beat” NOT “Looking for the…”

Use this field to enter the main title of the release.

You can add up to three track names as the main title of the release. For more track titles please use the playlist. In most cases the main track of the release should be entered as title.

If you are going to use two track names in the title please make sure you separate them with a slash “/” and a space on either side of the slash as this helps the search function properly, i.e. ABC Song / XYZ Song.

Label / Catalog Number

If the release is on more than one label, please mention both of them by adding another label field.

If the label already exists on our website, confirm on the label page that the supplied catalog number is following the existing format for consistency.

Please write the Cat.Nr. in capital letters only! Only one Cat.Nr can be used for a release.


Year of Release

Use the date when the record was actually produced.

“8?” When you don’t know the exact year.

“79?” When you think that it’s from 79 but are not 100% sure

“85?” When you think that it`s from 85 but are not 100% sure



Choose one of the existing formats.

When a release contains a bonus disc, please use the release note field.

When a release is a picture disc or has colored vinyl please use the release note field.



Please choose one of the existing cover types.

Note: You are able to chose more than one cover type as some releases may have been available in different types of covers.



“Country” refers to the country of origin of the label, NOT of the origin of the artist.

If the release is on more than one label, please list the country of the label that was responsible for the distribution, sale and marketing of the release.


Genres and Styles

Note: Several combinations of styles can be selected for one release!

- Rap with Live Band (Old School) (refering to the style of production: lifeband with rap, eg Treacherous Three, Sugarhill Gang “Rapper’s Delight”)
- Rap over drum machine beats (Mid School; refering to the style of production: mostly mid 80s releases incorporating the use of drum machines)
- Rap over drum machine beats with incorporation of samples
(with more focus on the drum machine production)
- Rap over sample based beats
(drum machine can be used as well but more focus on samples; New School; refering to the style of production: incorporation of samples. eg Jungle Brothers, EPMD)
- Human Beatbox
- Electro Rap (eg Brothers Supreme “We Can’t Be Held Back”)
- Electro (eg Hashim, Planet Rock)
- Electro Freestyle (eg. Debbie Debb)
- Breaks / Mixed / Cut & Paste (eg. Death Mix by Afrika Bambaataa or Double D & Steinski)
- Instrumentals / Beats (eg Jive Rhythm Trax)
- Hip House
- Miami Bass (eg DJ Magic Mike, 2 Live Crew)
- Britcore
- Rap with Live Band (But not Old School!!)



You can optionally rate each record you know.
1 not good at all
2 okay, normal, standard
3 good
4 very good
5 exceptional


Track Lists

You can add a tracklisting here.



Please add all credits which are mentioned on the record.


Release Notes / Comment

This field is used to add any factual notes about the release (special packaging, vinyl color, etc).

Do NOT write opinions, reviews, or promotional language in this field. Use the Comment field for personal opinions, etc



Note: You cannot upload pictures until you have saved the new release. After you have uploaded the pictures, the release does NOT have to be saved again.

All images on Raphistory should be between 150 and 400 pixels wide with a maximum size of 200Kb.

Pictures should be in a square format. Make sure they are of good quality, face-on, correctly oriented and free of any watermark, urls, or any other marks. Please do not use copyrighted or illegal images! Those will be deleted on sight, and the user held accountable for their inclusion.

Covers should be added only if they are artwork (no scans of plain sleeves please!). Vinyl images without cover artwork should be scans of the A and B side center labels. Picture discs, colored vinyl, and other interesting media should be photographed as clearly as possible. Primary image should be set to the A side image or the cover. There is no need to have several versions of the same view, nor ultra-detailed images.



You can later add records to your collection and wantlist.


Compilation releases and Various Artists

Click the field for Compilation. Then Add all artists of the compilation. Also add a field for "Various Artists". Use the playlist for artists and song titles


Required fields in a new submission.

• Artist
• Title
• Label
• Format
• Year

• Country
• Styles
• Credits
• Playlist
• Release Notes
• Images
• Etc…

Please note that you should attempt to enter as much information as possible about the release you are submitting.