10 Records
11-A Records
12 Star Records
1800 Records
1st Bass Records
2 The Bone Records / Mr. Modo
21 Records
25 West Records
30th Street Records
4 Sight Records
4th & B'Way Records
691 Influental Records
99 Records


A&M Records
A.S.S. Kickin' Records
Accord Records
Actual Records
Aerial Records
Aero Records
Airport Records
Airwave Records
Ala Records
Alcarm Records
All City Records
All That's Art Records
Amherst Records
Amiga Records
Amistad Records
Animal Records
Antilles Records
Apexton Records
Applegold Records
April Records
Ariola Records
Arista Records
ARS Records
ASD Records
Asoma Records
Asylum Records
Atlantic Records
Atlantis Records
Attitude Records
Audiosonic Records
Ave B Records
Avenue Records
Avi Records


B Boy Records
B Ware Records
Bad Boy Records (California)
Bad Boy Records (New York)
Baierle Records
Bainbridge Street Records
Baja Records
Balontic Records
Barclay Records
Base 12 Productions
Bass Station Records
Bassment Records
Bay City Records
BC Records
BCM Records
Be Bop & Fresh Records
Beantown Music Records
Beast Records
Beat Box Records
Beat That Box Music Unlimited
Beautiful Sounds
Beauty And The Beat Records
Becket Records
Bee Pee Records
Beeyoik Records
Beggars Banquet Records
Belive In A Dream Records
Bellaphon Records
Belway Records
Bentley Records
Beware Records
Bexy Records
Big Bad Wolf Records
Big City Records
Big Life Records
Big One Records
Bilaaly Bee Records
Billy Boy Records
Billy-D Records
Bite Records
Blacbird Records
Black Emerald Records
Black Steel Records
Black Suit Records
Black Tie Records
Blackout Records
Blapps Records
Blatant Records
Blip Blop Records
Blow Up Records
Blue Bird Records
Blue Chip Records
Blue Inc Records
Bluebird Records
BMC Records
BMG Records
Boardwalk Records
Bobby Dance Records
Body Rock Records
Boiling Point Records
Bon Ami Records
Boni Records
Boogie Down Records
Boomtown Records
Boot Records
Boss Man Records
Boss Records
Boston International Records
Bounce Records
Bound Sound Records
Boy Records
Bozo Meko Records
BPM Records
Brass Records
Break Records
Breakout Records
Bridge Records
Bright Star Records
Broccoli Rabe Records
Bronco Records
Brookhill Records
Brunswick Records
Bryant Records
Buddah Records
Bumrush Records
Burst Of Light Records
Bush Records
Busta-Gruve Records
BYC Records


C.B. International Records
C.C.L. Records
C.O.D. Records
California Gold Records
Capitol Records
Capo Records
Carrere Records
Casanova Records
Cash Beat
Cash Beat Records
Castle Records
Catawba Records
Catch A Groove Records
Catt Records
CBS Associated Records
CBS Records
Cchill Records
Celluloid Records
Chalet Records
Challenger Intanas Records
Chaminade Records
Champion Records
Champion Records (UK)
Champion Records (USA)
Channel Records
Chanpen Records
Chaos Records
Charisma Records
Charles Jr. Records
Check Your Head Records
Cheetah Records
Cherry Red Records
Cheryl Records
Chi Sound Records
Chic Records
Chit Records
Chocolate Star Records
Choice Records
Chrysalis Records
Circa Records
Citi Beat Records
City Of Angels Records
City Street Records
Citybeat Records
Clappers Records
Class Act Records
Clever Records
Clockwork Records
Cloud 9 Records
Club Records
CNR Records
Cobbler Records
Col' Rock Stuff Records
Cold Chillin Records
Cold Rock Records
Columbia Records
Compleat Records
Connoisseur Records
Conscious Music
Cooltempo Records
Cotillion Records
Creative Funk Records
Criminal Records
Critique Records
Crossover Records
Crunch Records
Crush Records
Crystalball Records
CTC Records
Culture Shock Records
Cut It Up Def Records
Cut Up! TBO Sound Records
Cutting Records


D & K Sounds
D and D Records
D&D Records
D.E.T.T. Records
D.K. Records
Da Music Records
Dakar Records
Dancing Bear Records
Dangerous Music
Danya Records
Darthvader Records
Dash Records
Dazz Records
De-Lite Records
Debonaire Records
Dee Jay Records
Def Jam Records
Delicious Vinyl
Delmar International Records
Desperate Men Records
Destiny Records
Det Mi Records
Devaki Records
Diamond International Records
Dir-Tee Records
Direct Records
Disc AZ Records
Disc-O-12 Records
Disc-O-Wax Records
Diversity Records
DNA International Records
Doctor's Records
Dominion Records
Double Dee & Steinski Records
Down To Earth Records
Dream Team Records
Dreem Records
DTD Records
Dubwise Records
Duck's Productions
Dum Beat Recordings
Dunk Yer Funk Records
Durece Benelux Records
Dureco Records
Dynamite Pep Records


EAMS Records
Earthtone Records
Easy Street Records
Ebony Coast Records
Ecal Records
Eclipse Records
Effect Records
Egyptian Empire Records
Electra Records
Electrobeat Records
Elektra Records
Elite Records
Elite Records (UK)
Emergency Records
EMF Records
EMI America Records
EMI Records
Enjoy Records
Epic Records
Equity Records
Erika Records
Eron Records
Etcetera Records
Evejim Records
Ever Rap Records
Ever Rat Records
Excellent Choice Records
Express Records
Eye Spy Records


Factory Beat Records
Family Jewel Records
Fantasy Records
Fee Bee Records
Felony 1 Records
FFRR Records
First American Records
First Class Records
First Priority Records
First String Records
Flame Records
Flamingo Kid Records
Flash Records
Flint City Fresh Records
Fly Spy Records
Fly-mor Records
Force Groove Records
FoReal Records
Fourth & Broadway
Fourth Floor Records
Fox International Records
Freak Beat Records
Freeze Defrost Productions Records
Fresh Beat Records
Fresh Cut Records
Fresh Records
Freshline Records
Frills Records
Funk Groove Music Publishing
Funk Groove Records
Funky Constellation Records
Funky Feet Records
Funky Mix Records
Furious Fish Records


G & H Records
G Fine Sounds
Galleon Records
Gee Bee Dee Records
Gee Street Records
Geffen Records
General Records
Geneva Records
Germat Records
Gern Blandsten
Get Large Records
Get Live Records
Get Off Me Records
Gitten Records
Global Satellite Records
Globe International Records
GMI Records
Gold Records
Golden Boy Records
Golden Flamingo Records
Golden Pyramid Records
Grand Groove Records
Greedy Beat Records
Green Line Records
Groove Production Records
Groovy Move Records
GT Records
Gucci Records


H.E.R.O. Records
H.I.K.I.M - ALI Records
Half Moon Records
Hansa Records
Harbor Light Records
Hardcore Records
Hardcore Records (Philladelphia)
Harlem Place Records
Harlequin Records
Harzfein Records
Heat Records
Heavenly Star Records
Hechomance Records
Hide-A-Way Records
High Fashion Records
High Rotation Records
Hilltop Hustlers
Hip Hop Recordings
Hip Hop Records
Hip Hop Records (Netherlands)
Hip Rock Records
Hip-Hop Records
Hit Maker Music Record Film & Video Co.
Hit Makers Of America Records
Hits In The Groove Records
Hitt's Records
Hobo Records
Hodisk Records
Hol-Gar Records
Holiday Records
homeBass Records
Horror City Records
Hot Apple Records
Hot Day Records
Hot Records
Hot Shot Records
Housejam Records
Houston Connection Records
Hunsar Records


I Hear Ya! Records
I.M.W. Records
I.R.S. Records
Ichiban Records
Icon Records
Icy Records
Idlers Records
Imperial Nation Records
Imperial Planet Records
Importe/12 Records
In Effect Recordings
In Recordings
In Season Records
In The Mix Records
Indisc Benelux Records
Indy 5 Records
Injection Records
Inner Vision Records
Insane Beat Records
Intercord Records
Invasion Records
Island Records


J.C. Records
Jabree Records
Jam City Records
Jam Packed Records
Jam Records
Jam-Kru Records
Jam-The-Box Records
Jamarc Records
Jamm City Records
Jamtu Records
Jax Stax Records
Jay Jay Records
Jay Records
JBM Records
JDC Records
Jewel Records
Jive Records
Joe Gibbs Music Records
Joey Boy Records
Joschua Music Records
JR Records
Ju-Lair Music Enterprises Records
Jumbo Records
Jump & Shout Records
Jump Street Records
Jungle Jam Records
Jupiter Records
Jus Born Records
Jus Fresh Records
Justice Records
JWP Records


K-Tel Records
Kendo Records
Kenny Boom Records
Khafra Records
King Quality Records
King Records
Kling Klang Records
KMA Records
Knock 'Em Out The Box Records
Kolossal Records
Konduko Records
Kru-Cut Records


L.A. Posse Records
La Shawn Records
Lady J. Records
Laff Records
Lamina Records
Lance Records
Land Of Hits Records
Landmark Records
Lark Records
Laurie Records
Le Vic Records
Lection Records
Lefrak-Moelis Records
Lemon Twist Records
Let's Go Records
Lic Records
Lollipop Records
London Records
Love Train Records
Luke Skyywalker Records
LVR$ Records


M-Low Records
Ma Benza Records
Mack Daddy Records
Macola Records
Mad Cat Records
MaDoNo Records
Magic Disc Records
Magic Records
Magic Records (California)
Magic Records (New York)
Magnet Records
Magnetic Dance Records
Majestic Control Records
Major Record And Filmworks
Major Records
Malaco Records
Mango Street Records
Master Five Records
Master Mix Records
Masters Of Disaster Records
MC's Of Rap Records
MCA Records
MCM Records
MDA Records
Medusa Records
Megadisc Records
Mels Music Records
Memo Records
Meno Vision Records
Mercury Records
Merrick Records
Metrexx Records
Metronome Records
Metroplex Records
Metropolis Records
Metropolitan Records
Metrovynil Records
Miami Street Records
Mic Mac Records
Midnight Sun Records
Midtown Records
Midtown Records (California)
Mike & Dave Records
Millennium Records
Mix Master Mike & Disco Dave Records
Mob Records
Montage Records
Monton Records
Mosaic Records
Motormouth Records
Motown Records
Mozelle Records
Muscle Shoals Sound Records
Music Of Life Records
Music Specialists Records
Musicworks Records
Musiqua Records
Mute Records


N.V. Records
Nasty Mix Records
Nation Records
Needle In The Groove Records
Nemperor Records
Never Stop Productions Records
New City Records
New Day Records
New Image Records
New Star Records
New Wave Dis-Go Records
New World Records
New York City Records
New York Connexion Records
Newman Records
Newtroit Records
Next Plateau Records
NIA Records
Nicetown Records
Night Hawk Records
Nightbeat Records
Nonesuch Records
Norwalk Records
Not On Label
Nova Scratch Records
Novarro Records
Nu School Records
Nubeat Records
NUWR Records


OBR Records
Ohrwurm Records
Olympus Records
ON Records
On The Spot Records
On Time Records
On Top Records
One Way Records
Oops Records
Orpheus Records
Out Law Bass Records


P Mixer Disco Records
Palinode Records
Pandisc Records
Pantashop Records
Pantera Records
Paradise Records
Park Place Records
Parliament Records
Party Crew Records
Party Rock Records
Party Time Records
Passion Records
Paul Winley Records
Payroll Records
PBI Records
PBM Records
PDJ Records
Peace Land Family
Perfection Records
Peters Records
Philadelphia International Records
Philips Records
Phonogram Records
Pimple Records
PKO Records
Place To Be Records
Plain Rapp Records
Play Hard Records
Players Only Records
Plum Place Records
Polaris Records
Polydor Records
Polygram Records
Pop Art Records
Popular Records
Portrait Records
Positive Beat Records
Positive Juice Records
Posse Records
Pow Wow Records
Power Artists Records
Powerhouse Records
Precise Music Records
Precise Records
Precision Records
Prelude Records
Prestige Records
PRI Records
Pride Records
Prime Choice Records
Priority Records
Prism Records
Private Records
Profile Records
Provogue Records
PRT Records
Public Records


Q.B.A. Records
Quality Records
Queen Constance Records


R & R Records
Race Records
Racketeering Records
Radar Records
Ragin' Records
Rainbow Records
Rams Horn Records
Rap City Records
Rap Records
Rap Session Records
Rap Star Records
Rap-A-Lot Records
Rapid Fire Records
Rappers Rapp Disco Co Records
Rapsonic Records
Rapsur Records
Raptile Records
Rascal Records
Rat Cage Records
Rat Records
Raw Bass Records
Raw Dog Records
Ray Ray Records
RAZmTAZ Records
Razzberri Rainbow Records
RCA Records
RCA Records (Germany)
RCA Records (Netherlands)
Real Records
Real To Reel Records
Reality Hits Reccords
Reality Records
Record Shack Records
Red Beat Records
Red Label Records
Red Rooster Records
Reelin & Rockin Records
Reflection Records
Renaissance Records
Reprise Records
Requestline Records
Restless Records
Revenge Records
RFC Records
RFH Records
Rhyme 'N' Reason Records
Rhyme Syndicate Records
Rhythm Attack Productions
Rhythm Attack Records
Rhythm King Records
Rhythm Records
Richter Scale 8 Records
Rissa-Chrissa Records
RMS Records
Roc Records
Roc Rulin' Records
Rock Attack Recording Company
Rock Candy Records
Rock City Records
Rock Force Records
Rock Well Records
Rocky Records
Rodent Records
Roebuck Records
Rohit Records
Rojac Records
Roller Dog Records
Rolls Royce Records
Rolly Royce Records
Romil Records
Roof Records
Rooftop Records
Roosevelt Records
Rose Records
Rota Records
Rough Trade Records
Roulette Records
Royalty Records
RSP Records
Ru-K-Ya Records
Ruff Buff Records
Ruff House Records
Rumrunner Records
Ruthless Records


Saffire Records
Sagittarius Records
Salsoul Records
Sam Records
Saturn Records
Saxville Ave Records
Scarface Records
Schoolly D Records
Sconc Records
Scorcher Records
Scorpio Records
Scottfree Records
Scotti Bros Records
Sedona Recording Company
Select Records
Serious Gold Records
Serious Records
Shade Tree Records
Sharpp Records
Shatter Proof Records
Sheek Records
Sheik Records
Show Jazz Records
Showroom Records
Showstoppers Records
Shurfine Records
Siamese Records
Silence Records
Silver Screen Records
Singh Records
Sire Records
SKD Records
Ski Records
Skyywalker Records
Sleeping Bag Records
Slice Records
Slik Records
Small Town Productions Records
SMI Records
Smokey Records
Smokin Records
SnJ Records
Snowflake Records
Solid Goals Records
Solid Platinum Records
Solid Rap Records
Solomonic Records
Somersault Records
Sony Records
Soo Deff Records
SOTB Vinyl Records
Soul Wax Records
Soulpotion Records
Sound Check Records
Sound Makers Records
Sound Of New York (New York)
Sound Of New York, USA Records
Sound Of Sounds Records
Sound Proof Records
Sounds Of Florida Records
Specific Records
Sports Records
Spring Records
SPV Records
SRC Records
Star Power Records
Star Quest Records
Star Records
Star Vision International Records
Starlite Records
Stars Records
Starwave Records
State Records
State Records Inc.
Sterling Byrd Records
Straight Up Records
Strawesome Records
Street Art Records
Street Beat Records
Street Sounds Records
Street Star Records
Street Talk Records
Streetheat Records
Streetwave Records
Streetwise Records
Strong City Records
Strut Records
Studio Records
Sue Records
Sugar Hill (France)
Sugar Hill (Germany)
Sugar Hill (UK)
Sugar Hill Records
Sugar Hill Records (France)
Sugarscoop Records
Sunnyview Records
Suntown Records
Super Power Records
Supertronics Records
Supreme Records
Sure Delight Records
Sure Shot Records
Sure Sound Records
Sutra Records
Sweet Georgia Peach Film & Record Dist.
Sweet Mountain Records
Syncopate Records


T Cap Records
T-Mac Records
T.K.G. Productions
Tabu Records
Tandem Records
Tania Music
Tartown Records
Tashamba Records
Tay-Ster Records
TCO Inc.
TEC Records
Techno Hop Records
Techno Kut Records
Teldec Records
Telefunken Records
Telegram Records
Telestar Cassettes Records
Tempre Records
TF Records
The Fever Records
The Future Records
The Harem Sound Records
The Sound Of Brooklyn Records
Thin Lyne Records
Three G's Productions
Three Stripe Records
Three Way Records
Thriller Records
Timberwolfe Records
Time Trax Records
Time X Records
Tin Pan Apple Records
Tiny Wood Records
Tip-Top Records
TK Disco Records
TLO Records
TMT Records
TNT Records
TNT Records (New York)
Toe Jam Records
Tommy Boy Records
Tony Rosa Records
Totenkopf Records
Trebol Records
Tree Line Records
Tri State Records
Triangle Records
Trumpet Records
TSR Records
Tuff City Records
Tuff Groove Records
Turf Handler Records
Turf Handles Records
Turngold Records
Turntable Records
TVT Records
Tyron Park Records
Tyson Records


Under Cover Records
Underground Records
UNI Records
United Voice Records
Universal Record Co.
Universal Sound Productions
Universe Records
Up & Down Records
Uptown Records
Urban Beat Records
Urban Records
Urban Rock Records


Valley Productions
Vanessa Records
Vanguard Records
Vendetta Records
Vibe Records
Vintertainment Records
Vinyl Dreams Records
Vinyl Lab Records
Vinyl Solution Records
Virgin Records
Vision Records
Vogue Records
Volt Records


Wackies Records
Walker Star Records
Warber Brothers
Ware Records
Warlock Records
Warner Brothers Records
Warner Records
We-Four Records
WEA Records
Weird World Records
West Coast Wax Records
West End Records
West Madison Street Records
West-Point Records
Westrock Records
Westside Records
White Diamond Records
Whop Records
Widder Musik Records
Wild Pitch Records
Wild West Records
WMOT Records
Woojon Records
Woolfe Records
Woolfe Recs
Word Up Records
Word-Up Records
World One Records
Write On Records
WTG Records


X-Press Records


Y Records
Yamak-Ka Records
Yo Records
Young America's New Sound - Raina
Young's Records
YXA Records


Z Rock Records
Zakia Records
Zanzibar Records
Zazoo Records
Zig-Zag Records
Zomba Records
Zuma Jay Records
ZYX Records