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Various Artists - Scratch And Break (LP)

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Year: 1983
Artists: Bandolero
C. Martin
Gangs Of Four
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
Heaven 17
K-9 Corps & George Clinton
Light Of The World
Moses Tyson
Project Future
The B.B. & Q. Band
Thomas Dolby's Cube
Various Artists
Labels: EMI Records
Catalog#: 1C 086 1783481
Country: Germany
Style: Rap over drum machine beats, Electro Rap, Electro, Not Rap
Cover type: Picture Cover
Credits: -
A1C. Martin - Scratching0:04
A2Freeez - Pop Goes My Love3:30
A3Boytronic - You3:31
A4The B.B. & Q. Band - Keep It Hot2:13
A5Bandolero - Paris Latino4:24
A6Kajagoogoo - Big Apple3:30
A7Moses Tyson - Keep Dancin To The Music3:46
A8Heaven 17 - Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry3:43
B1K-9 Corps & George Clinton - Dog Talk3:43
B2Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - New York, New York3:43
B3Thomas Dolby's Cube - Get Out Of My Mix5:24
B4Project Future - Ray-Gun-Omics2:44
B5Light Of The World - Jealous Lover4:38
B6Gangs Of Four - Is It Love3:33
B7T.B.A. - It's A Family Affair3:01
Notes: -
Worth: -
Rating: * (1 Vote)
Submitted by: djscientist
Date: 03/21/08


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