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Various Artists - Miami Bass Waves Volume II (2LP)

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Year: 1988
Artists: 2 Live Crew
Gigolo Tony
Gucci Crew 2
K.J. & Kool C
K.J. An Da Fellas
Le Juan Love
MC Cool Rock & MC Chaszy Chess
MC Shy D
MC Twist & The Def Squad
Labels: Luke Skyywalker Records
Catalog#: XR-5001
Country: United States
Style: Rap over drum machine beats with incorporation of samples, Miami Bass
Cover type:
Credits: -
A1Jelous Girls - JDC
A2Gotta Be Tough - MC Shy D
A3Throw The P - Anquette
A4Sheryl & Donna - KJ & Cooly C
A5My Hardcore Rhymes - Lejuan Love
A6Mega-Mixx I
B1Throw The D - 2 Live Crew
B2I'm Cool - JDC
B3Miami - Steven J. Grey
B4We Want Some Pussy (Remix)- 2 Live Crew
B5Ghetto Bass - 2 Live Crew
B6Mega-Mixx II
C1Sally "That Girl" - Gucci Crew II
C2Head, Booty & Cock - 2 Live Crew
C3Bass Rock Express - MC A.D.E.
C4Just Rock - MC Twist & The Def Squad
C5The Bomb Has Dropped - 2 Live Crew & Trouble Funk
C6Shake It - MC Shy D
C7Material Girl - Anquette
D1Get Retarded - KJ & The Fellas
D2I Still Feel Good - Lejuan Love & DJ Man
D3Get Funky - MC Cool Rock & Chaszy Chess
D4Smurf Rock - Gigolo Tony
D5Mega-Mixx - Mixed By Blade Runners
Notes: -
Worth: -
Rating: * (1 Vote)
Submitted by: frico
Date: 10/05/08


sacred g 05/07/09 02:49:38 Notice: Undefined index: authorID in /var/www/virtual/ on line 80
I'm not selling thia album, I want to buy it. Who ever has it for sell can contact me at

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