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Cormega / Havoc - Big Beat / Dusted (12'')

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Year: 1998
Artists: Cormega
Labels: Not On Label
Catalog#: ALR-004
Country: United States
Style: Rap over sample based beats
Cover type: Neutral Cover / Plain Sleeve
Credits: Produced by: Marley Marl (All)
ACormega - Big Beat (Main Mix)
BHavoc - Dusted (Main Mix)
Notes: One of the best live freestyle performances on wax. Stupid fresh tracks produced by the legendary Marley Marl. The price is high but worth tracking it down. Released as a white press. No label mentioned. Exclusive material!
Worth: 80$ and more
Rating: **** (1 Vote)
Submitted by: K-Nock
Date: 04/25/10


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