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The J-P-C Gang - Christmas Delight 80 (7'')

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Cover 'Christmas Delight 80' [Click to enlarge]

Year: 1980
Artist: The J-P-C Gang
Labels: WJPC
Catalog#: none
Country: United States
Style: Rap with Live Band (Old School)
Cover type: Neutral Cover / Plain Sleeve
Credits: -
Tracklisting: -
Notes: -
Worth: -
Rating: ***** (2 Votes)
Submitted by: djscientist
Date: 12/23/10


peterhoffer 02/02/11 10:13:19 Notice: Undefined index: authorID in /var/www/virtual/ on line 80
A great little single and a relic of the glory days of Chicago soul radio! The cut was recorded for the Christmas of 1980 and it's a remake of "Rapper's Delight", with new lyrics, and rapping by Chicago DJs Tom Joyner, Richard Pegue, LaDonna Tiddle, and others all of whom recorded for WJPC at the time! The long version begins with a great party-type recording sounds of drinks being opened and the group warming up for the track!
peter hoffer

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