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MC Hammer - Letīs Get It Started (LP)

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Cover 'Letīs Get It Started' [Click to enlarge]

Year: 1988
Artist: MC Hammer
Labels: Capitol Records
Catalog#: -
Country: United States
Style: Rap over drum machine beats with incorporation of samples
Cover type: Picture Cover
Credits: Produced by: MC Hammer
A1Intro : Turn This Mutha Out
A2Letīs Get It Started
A3Ring Em
A4Cold Go MC Hammer
A5Youīre Being Served
B1Itīs Gone
B2They Put Me In The Mix
B3Son Of The King
B4Thatīs What i Said
B5Feel My Power
B6Pump It Up
Notes: -
Worth: -
Rating: *** (1 Vote)
Submitted by: pimpin-pat
Date: 10/28/06


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